perks of dating me: i don’t wear scrunchies


pretty sad that a man that beat his girlfriend is number 20 on a list of “most hated celebrities” when people like jennifer lopez and anne hathaway are not only ranked before him, but are put on there for things like making more money than her husband, or being seen leaving the gym without makeup on

the second i start to understand something in this class we move on to the next lesson wtf how dare u

Dear lord,
Please get them to stop playing fancy by iggy azalea on the radio

nash griers tumblr is literally 100% pictures of himself lmao ok 

what post?

In that feminist petition post, did you notice that it's from someone in Spain, United States?

yeah it was also put up by a woman “Janet” AKA some old fart white man sitting on his couch watching porn and eating cold pizza for the 3rd day straight