the second i start to understand something in this class we move on to the next lesson wtf how dare u

Dear lord,
Please get them to stop playing fancy by iggy azalea on the radio

nash griers tumblr is literally 100% pictures of himself lmao ok 

what post?

In that feminist petition post, did you notice that it's from someone in Spain, United States?

yeah it was also put up by a woman “Janet” AKA some old fart white man sitting on his couch watching porn and eating cold pizza for the 3rd day straight 

Does it actually not bother anyone else how people use the phrase “women and children” as if they are one equal group? I can’t even turn on the fucking news without hearing something like “even injuring women and children!”, as if grown women and children are equally incapable of taking defending and protecting themselves.

And enough with the telling young boys (when there isnt a father in the family) that they’re “the man of the house” and need to “take care of his mom and sisters.” THERE IS A MOTHER. SHE IS CAPABLE OF TAKING CARE OF HERSELF AND DOES NOT NEED A CHILD TO TAKE CARE OF HER BECAUSE HE HAS A PENIS. 

And the thing about all of this that annoys me even more is that it’s come to the point where all of these things are so common- that some women equate men doing everything for them, and paying everything for them (because they feel women are unable to take care of themselves)- as being respected. Treating women like children does not make you  a “gentleman” or “respectful” it is degrading.

Men need to stop acting like women are good for nothing except sex, giving birth, and being taken care of by other men. It’s 2014 for fucks sake and you can’t even admit that men and women are equally valuable? Get a grip